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February 2013 Wall of Glory and Wall of Shame!


  • earnmysong kicked ass with let's hope for some (Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper RPF, PG, 666 words, All Jen wants at the moment is to lie down somewhere and die.)

  • empressearwig took names with all the blood that I would bleed (Young Justice, Dick/Zatanna, PG-13, 2600 words, Five things that happened on the way to Dick and Zatanna having a history.)

  • cashewdani brought it with 1, 2, 3 (The Office, Brian/Pam, PG-13, 4378 words, It’s while she’s laughing over Jim’s answer of mixed berries yogurt that Brian feels himself smiling the tiny smile that means he kind of likes a girl. )

  • kyrafic beat the shit out of failure with Like Taking Candy (New Girl, Nick/Jess, PG, 675 words, "Jess," he says pleasantly. "Why the hell do you have a baby?")

  • irishmizzy emerged triumphant with trying to do it right (The Office, Pam/Brian, PG-13, 4300 words, He never expected to be in Scranton for three months, let alone three years.)

  • frey_at_last carried the day with a good thing going (30 Rock, Jack/Liz, PG-13, Five years later, a (not so) surprising development.)

  • care_says crushed it with you carried romance in the palm of your hand (Pitch Perfect, Beca/Chloe & Becca/Jesse, PG-13, 7311 words, Beca spends the weeks before Christmas cramming for finals and barely speaking to anyone, the exception primarily being Cynthia Rose, since they live in the same room.)

  • miss_bennie won out with let's hope for some (The Office, Pam/Brian & Pam/Ryan, PG-13, 3500 words, Pam and Brian the Boom Guy during The Negotiation. Because why not?)

  • maidenjedi dominated with Been Livin' a Lonely Life (Almost Famous, multiple pairings, PG-13, Over the years, all their lonely lives.)

  • littlestclouds vanquished with look at what might have been (baseball RPF, Rick Porcello & Vanessa Palestina & Max Scherzer, PG, 1622 words, Rick had never been one to get too sentimental about the future, not even when he was a dude, but now that he wasn’t one he couldn’t help thinking about everything he’d be missing out on.)

  • juniperlane ran out of synonyms with been sleeping here instead (Go On, Ryan King & Anne, PG, 2000 words, Anne gets a little more than she bargains for when she picks up the pieces of King's latest emotional breakdown.)


(Let me know if I coded anything wrong, you guys, I basically haven't slept in like a week. ALSO I AM TRYING TO READ ALL OF THESE IN ALL THE FANDOMS I KNOW BUT AM HIDEOUSLY BEHIND, BUT IT'S COMING. Also I can't believe so many of you came through this month, AMAZING JOB, EVERYONE!)

(Also you remember if you're a sad sack on notice, you can still post fic late to get your name off the on notice board!)
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