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FIC: Define Forever (Ben and Kate, Tommy/Kate)

Title: Define Forever
Fandom: Ben and Kate
Pairing: Tommy/Kate
Rating: PG
Summary: Tommy works on accepting the fact that he's just going to love Kate forever, and she's never going to love him back, and maybe that's tragic and awful and a total rejection of the optimistic everything-works-out-the-way-it-should-be, love-conquers-all worldview he's always lived by, but that's just the way it is. Or maybe it isn't.
Length: 7,900 words
Notes: Written and posted PATHETICALLY LATE for the nothing_hip February challenge, Ho Hey by the Lumineers. Thanks to lavender_basil for the awesome beta!

Define Forever
Tags: 2013, challenge: ho hey, fandom: ben and kate
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